Patrick McDonough

I'm a sysadmin and this is my blog. Posts are added irregularly, and available over http and gemini. If you'd like to get in touch, you can send me an email at This address changes regularly to avoid webscraper spam.

My projects can be found on Sourcehut

Posts from 2021

[2021-02-25] Why Fax?

[2021-02-18] Interesting Ruby I

[2021-02-16] Batch execution

[2021-01-11] Response to Lessons from an on-call experience

[2021-01-03] Youtube stream yanking

Posts from 2020

[2020-12-23] Hosting

[2020-12-19] Replacing sblg with lowdown and script

[2020-10-17] Shared state and lmdb

[2020-09-08] Mario 64 on DragonflyBSD

[2020-09-07] Virtual UKNOF September 2020

[2020-09-05] DragonflyBSD on a Macbook Air 2017 (Part 3)

[2020-07-14] Games on Dragonfly BSD (1)

[2020-07-09] Emacs Keybindings

[2020-07-05] Dragonfly BSD on Macbook Air 2017 (Part 2)

[2020-07-03] Metal as a Service

[2020-07-01] Yggdrasil Network

[2020-06-29] Dragonfly BSD on Macbook Air 2017